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The Via Crucis

Latin for the Way of the Cross.

The Station of the Cross is a representation of Christ carrying the Cross to His Crucifixion, and the devotions that commemorate the journey. The Stations are modified on the ranch the reason for which the pilgrim will understand.

  • Jesus is condemned to death
  • Jesus takes up His Cross
  • Jesus meets His Mother
  • Jesus falls the first time.
  • Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
  • Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
  • Jesus falls the second time
  • Jesus falls the third time
  • Simon of Cyrene carry’s the cross
  • Jesus is stripped of His clothing
  • Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the Cross
  • Jesus dies on the Cross
  • Jesus is taken down from the Cross
  • Jesus is laid in the tomb.

Light House Worship Center Stations of the Cross.

The Stations of the Cross at the Light House Worship Center follow a gravel road in the 1,000 acres north of the chapel and ranch headquarters. The entry is beside the front porch of the old bunk house-pass through the gate in the fence and follow the gravel road.

From the chapel, through the Stations and back to the chapel is a journey of approximately five miles. Visitors should expect to spend about two hours completing the journey, given the terrain and the dedication to prayer. It is strongly recommended that all visitors bring water with them.

Each station is a large boulder bearing an iron cross and is found to the right of the path of travel.

The distances between Stations average about one-fifth of a mile, with slightly greater distances between stations 7 & 8 and 13 & 14. There is always enough time between stations to pray and rejoice in the beauty of God’s creation.

“We invite you to hike the Stations of the Cross and to contemplate their message and significance within your own life.”