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 Victorious Ministry Through Christ- VMTC Prayer Ministry Schools is dedicated to equipping ministers and qualified lay people with the necessary skills to offer compassionate support to individuals seeking healing from the lingering impacts of past relationships or challenging circumstances. With a focus on providing care and guidance, our schools serve as a pivotal platform for those called to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need. Join us at VMTC Prayer Ministry Schools and be empowered to bring about transformative healing in the lives of others.


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Youth, Parents, and Families

Our desire, aim, and goal is to create a Christian environment where youth, their parents, family and friends have a positive outdoor experience through outdoor activities in God’s outdoor creation.

​Our mission is to be a Christian witness and to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ to youth and their families through mentored education outdoor activities, educate and provide opportunities to experience wildlife management/conservation in action, and to strengthen and bond the relationships with youth and their families as they experience God’s amazing creation. We desire to assist youth and their families to become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ though the platform of outdoor experiences.

Volunteers (Mentors, Guides, Cooks, & Helpers)

Volunteering as mentors, guides, coaches, cooks, and helpers, ​Lighthouse volunteers are responsible and experienced Christian outdoors men and women who volunteer their time and talents to mentor and impact youth and their families

​Experienced ​Lighthouse Volunteers help provide positive outdoor experiences as participants hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ through daily devotionals, Bible lessons, and prayer; learn and practice  wildlife management/conservation game laws while hunting and fishing enabling the parent and child to strengthen their relationship and bond without the typical distractions that our youth face today.  ​Lighthouse requires volunteers to pass background checks in order to serve with youth and their families during the outdoor activities.

Ranchers, Ranches, & Outfitters

We must have places and locations for our events.

​Lighthouse teams up with landowners and ranchers to assist with their wildlife management plans teaching youth and their families the game laws that are written to protect the future populations of our game species while using hunting and fishing activities as the platform.  Providing wildlife management/conservation and hunter safety knowledge to youth are important objectives of Christian Outdoor Ministry.  We strongly believe that we must pass this knowledge on to our youth so that they become good stewards of the land.  Personally  practicing management and conservation activities enforces this knowledge and provides a positive outdoor experience for youth and their families.


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Lighthouse Equine Ministry

It is our hearts desire that your time here with us is filled with the love and power of Jesus Christ, while caring for and interacting with horses. We desire to be intentional about learning from and experiencing God during your time with us, whether it’s four weeks, or ten weeks! At the end of our program we will reminisce and process about all that God has done in your life during that time. We will also evaluate how to move forward with you in regards to Lighthouse Equine Ministry. We look forward to our time together! Everyone at the Lighthouse Equine Ministry works on a volunteer basis, but we do separate those who are strictly volunteers and those who are part of the ministry staff. Our ministry staff has gone through a screening process to ensure each member shares the core beliefs on our mission statement and is equipped to lead Bible-based sessions with each participant.

Each of our sessions aims to use the horse as a means for teaching Bible-based principles for life. While we love our horses and believe that God uses them in amazing ways, we emphasize that our sessions are not about the horse at all. We simply use the horse to show the love of Jesus Christ and our need for Him in our lives. While we are not a horse therapy program, we do provide therapeutic approaches to our sessions.



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